marriage proposal

Couple Gets Engaged at Saratoga Race Track
Stephen A. Valente took a huge gamble at Saratoga Race Track, and I am not talking about a horse race bet, I'm talking about popping the big question! With hundreds of race fans watching, his creative and romantic plan went off without a hitch.
Rochester Couple Gets Engaged at Paul McCartney Albany Show
A Rochester couple is finally getting married thanks to Paul McCartney and two cardboard signs. John Dann and Claudia Rodgers attended McCartney's show in Albany with signs in hand. John's read: 'I have the ring and I'm 64.' While Claudia had her own message: 'He won&ap…
Police Help Man Propose During Traffic Stop
Asking for a woman's hand in marriage is a big deal and we've seen plenty of unique proposals. From flash mobs at Disney to backstage at a Dierks Bentley show. But this proposal with a fake arrest may take the cake.
Montana Takes Proposal To Great Heights
How many times have we heard about a guy proposing marriage at a baseball or football game, live on the jumbo-tron? Well, here's a case where a Montana man went to great heights to ask for her hand in marriage.
Guy Pulls Off Perfect Romantic ‘Falling’ Proposal
Thank God she said "yes," because if she didn't that was so not worth it.
This video -- in which a guy willingly falls from a building while asking his girlfriend to marry him -- must've taken a lot of time and planning with an immense amount of hope and trust from whomeve…
Olympic Torch Runner Stops to Propose
A girl fantasizes about how the man of her dreams will propose.  I best Christine Langham never imagined this proposal.  Her boyfriend, David State got down on one knee during his leg of the London 2012 Olympics torch relay to pop the question.  Talk about making Olympic history befor…
The Best Marriage Proposal Of All Time? [VIDEO]
A video camera and access to a movie theatre--it's the perfect recipe for an amazing marraige proposal. I won't spoil it by telling you what happens, so enjoy. Yes, the clip is about seven minutes, but, like good movie trailers do, it keeps you on the edge of your seat.
Would You Like To Redo How Your Husband Proposed?
Well, 25 percent of women hated the way their husband popped the question, that, according to Men's Health magazine. What's more is that 26 percent of the women polled said their husband's proposal could have been more romantic, original or personal.