Income Tax

Free Income Tax Preparation
It's hard to beat free.  Even harder when it's something as complicated as filing your income taxes.  Whether you're getting a refund or ponying up some funds to Uncle Sam, the Mohawk Valley Community Action Agency (MVCAA) will prepare and electronically file all the pa…
Income Tax Deadline April 17
Just a friendly reminder that the income tax deadline is fast approaching. This year, both federal and New York State income tax returns must be filed by April 17th. And you know how it goes, those of us who have a refund coming probably already filed, and those of us who owe, well, we may be headin…
Income Tax Deadline Extended to April 17
It won't be long now until your W-2 forms arrive for income tax prep. Maybe you've already got them and are well on your way to getting them done. I'm not an accountant - far from it. But here's how it usually goes down.
Tonight’s The Night – Income Tax Deadline
If you have waited until today to file your income tax, the deadline arrives at midnight, tonight.  Let's face it, if you know you owe money, you wait till the last minute, but if the government owes you, you can't wait to file!