Watch A Bottle Rocket Blow Up Under Ice
Now we've all seen what happens when you throw boiling water into the air when the wind chill temps are well below zero. Have you ever wondered what happens when you launch a bottle rocket under the ice of a frozen lake? Well, it's pretty cool.
Dogs Hit Jackpot with Ice Machine [VIDEO]
I know a dog that loves ice cubes. If an ice cube drops on the floor from the freezer, the dog is right there to eat it up. Do you have a dog or know a dog like this? If you do, you know how much fun these pooches would have if they could use an ice machine built into the front of a refrigerator doo…
Dog Gets Own Ice Cubes [VIDEO]
I know a dog who loves ice cubes. Anytime you go into the freezer, you have to drop one of the floor for him. I can only imagine what the dog would do if he could get his own ice cubes. Like in this video. A Siberian Husky figured out how to operate the refrigerator's ice dispenser. Check it ou…