farm hands

Cow Kicks Polly on the Farm
The final 'Farm Hands' took us to Sugarbush Dairy in Vernon where Polly learned what tell tailing is and not to stand behind a cow or you'll get kicked
Polly's Breaks Milking Record
The latest 'Farm Hands' took us to Angell's Dairy Farm near Durhamville.  A 6 generation family farm that has the honor of being a Dairy of Distinction Farm and not that we're experienced dairy farmers, they showed us some things we had never seen.
Horse Farts in Polly's Face
The latest 'Farm Hands' took us to Wilde Wind Farm in Deerfield. A farm we thought was full of cows. Turned out it was horses and I said I'd never go to a horse farm again. It's hard work! I was breathing heavy within 15 minutes.
Shocked Lending A Farm Hand
Our final Farm Hands of the year was spent at By Design Farm in Ava where Polly got quite the shock. While milking, she was electrocuted when her head hit the cow trainer. Thankfully Brianne Willson was there to help.
Lending Farm Hand on Machines
Who's bright idea was it to have Polly operate farm equipment? Our latest Farm hands visit took us to Riverbanks Farms in West Edmeston. Mike Banks operates the farm with Brenda Webb, Allan Crumb and Marissa Horn.  Mike may be a distant relative to Larry The Cable Guy. Mike's favorite saying is &quo…

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