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Christmas in July is Back
With all the recent storms, you may be thinking "give me snow." We can't make that happen, but we can keep you cool during the Frog Days of Summer with Christmas in July. Win tickets to Enchanted Forest Water Safari and an air conditioner from Dave Hayes Appliance Center …
Tell Us Your Least Favorite Christmas in July Songs
You may not be ready for it, but it's back! One of the best contests we do here that you love to hate is Christmas in July and it allows you to win passes to New York's Largest Water Theme Park. Just by listening for us to play 3 Christmas songs a day, you can win entry into Enchanted Fore…
Christmas in July is Back
Of all the contests we do, Christmas in July may get more talk than any other.  Something about playing Christmas songs in July irritates some folks, while others are excited by the chance to win tickets to Enchanted Forest Water Safari.