15 Worst Snacks For Weight Loss
Most of us want to keep our weight down, and that's not easy when you love to snack (beer nuts are my downfall). With the holidays just around the corner, there will be a lot of high calorie snacking going on. But, you don't have to eat bland, boring foods when you want a snack to cut calo…
Watch Out For 3:23 P.M.
If you are on a diet, watch out for 3:23 P.M.--according to researches with the Atkins Diet, that's the exact time your willpower is the weakest.
A survey of 1,250 people on a diet showed 3:23 P.M. is that time in the day when boredom begins to set in, along with feelings of stress and when you …
You Are What You Eat (And Drink)
Many of us have decided to get healthy in 2011, and that means some of us are dieting.  I thought you might like to know that what we drink as well as eat can effect our daily calorie intake.