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‘Cute Kid’ of the Day Having an Argument [VIDEO]
We've all seen the baby twins talking to each other with their own baby language, right? Well, here's another one.  Our 'Cute Kid' of the day is having a full argument that nobody can actually understand. This argument, in his own baby language was originally 8 minutes long--here's the condensed ver…
‘Cute Kid’ of the Day Talks Backwards [VIDEO]
Our 'Cute Kid' of the day is actually a teenager named Alyssa.  She can say any word backwards within 3 seconds.  She's too young now, but in a few years this talent will win Alyssa a lot of bar bets.  Watch her say every word backwards that's thrown at her.
‘Cute Kids’ of the Day Argue [VIDEO]
Our 'Cute Kids' of the day have the cutest argument.  The boy shouldn't get use to the end result though.  He'll grow up to learn the man never wins or finishes an argument.  Unless he wants to sleep on the couch for a week.
Dad Scares ‘Cute Kid’ of the Day [VIDEO]
When a newborn baby is fussy, you'll try anything to soothe them.  Dad makes noises for our 'Cute Kid' of the day, but I don't think she likes it.  Her eyes are the biggest eyes I've ever seen.  Maybe mom can give dad tips on what sounds are soothing for a bab…

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