8 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Utica And Rome
We always brag about how Central New York is an amazing place to live. You may have lived here your whole life, or just moved here and are amazed at the great area. However, every community has its bad apples that contribute to some neighborhoods’ higher crime rates. Here's…
Body Found on College Campus
A body has been found on the campus of Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY. Two joggers were running near a wooded area by the college when they came upon the remains. The body appeared to have been possibly burned.
Fourth Grade Class Plot To Poison Their Teacher
Everyone remembers that one teacher in school that nobody liked. Maybe it was because she smelled funny or maybe he yelled too much. Whatever it was, that one teacher had the reputation of nobody wanting to be in their class. What one fourth grade class in Western New York tried to do to the teacher…
Shoplifter Gets Surprise Gift From Her Arresting Officer
A South Florida women, Jessica Robles, was arrested for shoplifting food from a local supermarket. She told the arresting officer, Vikki Thomas, her children were hungry and, according to WSVN-TV, she had no money having had a mix-up with a government assistance program. Whatever you may think of he…

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