Chilipalooza [GALLERY]
ConFROGulations to the Village of Frankfort on being named the Chilipalooza's best chili.  Second place when to newcomers Schuyler Fire Department and Mother Marianne's West Side Kitchen took tird.
Bacardi Rum Chili- Feel The Burn And Buzz
With Chili-Palooza coming up on September 21s, it’s had me thinking of what possibly could be some the strangest Chili recipes. I’ve been able to locate a Boilermaker Chili, I’ve seen some with chocolate, but what about with booze? People use whiskey and wine to cook so why shouldn’t chili fall int…
Chilipalooza Complete Music Lineup Announced
The complete musical lineup for our second annual Chilipalooza event has been announced.  Panama, A Van Halen Tribute band was announced earlier today.  Check out two more great Central New York acts that will be part of the show.
Enter Our Chili Cook-Off At Chili Palooza
Do you think your Chili is the best around? Do you have a special blend or recipe you use? Well it’s time for you to show it off and put your money where your mouth is! It’s time four our 2nd annual Chili-Palooza. We challenge you to a friendly Chili Cook off.
Amusement Rides for Kids at Chili-Palooza
We've talked about the bands, the chili,  the beer and even the things to do at Chili-palooza this Saturday at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds.  Now here's how you can keep the kids happy.  Hawkins' Amusements and Lloyd's Concessions will feature rides for the litt…