Woman Raises Funds For Christopher Leonard
Christopher Leonard is out of the hospital and testified at a preliminary hearing on Wednesday against his half-sister Sarah Ferguson in connection with an alleged beating inside the Word of Life Church in Chadwicks that resulted in his hospitalization, along with the death of his older brother, Luc…
Lainey's Army Helps Rescue Pets from Leonard Home
There are many details that are still unknown about the tragic story of the 19-year-old, Lucas Leonard, who was allegedly beaten to death by his parents Bruce and Deborah Leonard of Clayville. The family had a number of pets in the household and Lainey's Army, a local animal rights group, was i…
Neighbors Petition to Take Down Word of Life Church
Concerned neighbors in Chadwicks want the Word of Life Church torn down after two teens were allegedly beaten inside. 19-year old Lucas Leonard died at the hospital and his 17-year old brother Christopher in in serious condition.