The Court View Luncheonette is the latest in a recent string of businesses to have their property vandalized in Downtown Utica, and they're asking for your help.

On July 21 the Court View Luncheonette posted on Facebook a picture of their door that had been smashed in during the overnight hours with a message:

"If anyone knows who is doing this please, please, please tell them to stop!!! we are small mom-and-pop shops and don't have the extra money to throw around to replace windows doors and equipment!!! I also want to make this post so the other restaurants in the area know what is going on so they can possibly protect themselves."

The post goes on to say that other businesses in the same area have seen damage too including, Campus In Pizzeria, Pho Me Kong, and according to comments on the Facebook post, Clubman's Barbershop.

Here's the full post from the Court View Luncheonette's Facebook page:

If you have any idea who might be responsible, please contact the Utica Police Department.

Our locally owned businesses don't deserve to be vandalized, hopefully we can find some answers.

Meanwhile, the Court View Luncheonette will be looking through surveillance footage from neighboring businesses to see if a suspect can be found.


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