The Rome Police Department is warning residents about another IRS Phone scam.

Rome Police say they have received several reports from concerned citizens about phone calls they have received from someone claiming to be from the IRS. The calls are mostly a recording saying the person owes money to the IRS. "It state if a debt is not paid the person will be arrested or face other penalties. These calls are a scam," Rome police warn on Facebook. "These calls don't come from the IRS, but may sound legitimate to some people. Anyone who receives a call or a message like this should hang up and not engage the caller in conversation."

The IRS doesn't call for payment and you should never give personal information over the phone to anyone you don't know or can't confirm is legitimate.

Rome police say this scam is similar to complaints they received about unsolicited e-mails claiming to be from the government. "The same kind of allegations are made and demands for payment. These e-mails are best deleted prior to being opened and should never be replied to."


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