Country newcomer Rachel Holder stopped by our studios to talk, sing and pose for pictures.  You may not be familiar with the name but she's been singing for awhile.  'Just a lifetime' she says.  A lifetime of all her 19 years. She's already captured the ear of Miranda Lambert who is a big fan of her new song 'In Your Arms.'

Rachel is on the same record label as Lee Brice, who is also a fan. And she has some dirt on the 'A Woman Like You' singer.  'We were all sitting on his bus having a jam session and he asks me to sing something off my new album.  So I started singing 'I Ain't Your Baby' and noticed he was singing along.   He stopped me in the second chorus to tell me his ex-girlfriend wrote the song about him years ago.' Ouch!  By the sounds of the song, she wasn't a happy girl.

Rachel may only be 19 but she's confident and has no fear.  At a Vince Gill show she asked if she could join him onstage.  'I was sitting in the second row and I just raised my hand and said Mr Vince can I sing a song with you and he replied, I normally don't do this but come on up.'

Country isn't the only thing Rachel can sing.  Listen to her version of Lady Gaga's 'Edge of Glory.'  She's so good she doesn't even need instruments.  She just uses her God given talent.

A big thank you to Rachel for not only stopping by and singing for us, but for the chocolate too.  She brought 2 boxes of Swiss Rolls and a box of Nutty Bars.  She must know the best way to my heart is with chocolate. And she was my hug today for my month long hug challenge.

Rachel's album will be out later this year.  Stay up to date with her on Facebook, Twitter and her own webpage. She promises to Tweet or Facebook you back since she doesn't have social media people taking care of that for her. She likes to stay connected with her fans personally.

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