Our final Farm Hands of the year was spent at By Design Farm in Ava where Polly got quite the shock. While milking, she was electrocuted when her head hit the cow trainer. Thankfully Brianne Willson was there to help. 

Rodney and Brianne Willson of By Design Farm represent what the farming industry needs, young blood.  While both work full time jobs off the farm, they wanted their boys, 3 year old, Chase and 8 month old Landon to grow up in a farm setting.


The Willson's farm of distinction actually began when Rodney and Brianne received a cow as a wedding gift. Now they milk about 30 head and raise their own heifers, ranging in age from a few weeks to 2 years.

Chase seems to be getting the hang of farming already. He recognizes baling hay as "Bang, Bang, Boom."

The Willson's received tickets to FrogFest July 23rd at the Utica Rome Speedway, presented by White’s Farm Supply and a $50 White’s Farm Supply gift card. They also go into the grand prize drawing for VIP FrogFest tickets and 100 hour rental from White’s Farm Supply.

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