Oneida County is reporting another death, along with 113 new COVID-19 positive test results for Sunday (Nov 29) as the county's collective total of cases since the pandemic began will undoubtedly surpass 5,000 as we head into December.

A minor reporting note, the county has made a slight adjustment to how and when it reports daily numbers, eliminating an overlap in the - quote - day it is reporting. Previously, the total of new cases announced on a given day would include data collected through noon of that day, since noon of the prior day. Now, it's being tallied from midnight to midnight. Today's numbers - Monday, November 30 - reflect case information from Sunday only. Tuesday will reflect Monday, and so on.

Through Sunday, 4,955 Oneida County resident have tested positive for coronavirus, and 148 have now died. The number of residents hospitalized with the virus is a new high of 80. Of those, 56 are at MVHS facilities, 17 are at Rome Memorial and seven are being cared for outside the county.

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For the eighth day in a row, Oneida County's active case total set a new record, now at 1,583.

Herkimer County has a much smaller number of active cases, but it also has a new record number. There are now 244 active cases in Herkimer County, after health officials reported 18 new cases on Monday.

There are eight Herkimer County residents reported to be hospitalized with coronavirus.


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