A new music city bar, opening soon in Saratoga Springs, is bringing the tastes and sounds of Nashville to New York.

Michael and Carolyn Crowley, who live in the Saratoga Springs areas, have travelled to Nashville several times. "We love everything Nashville has to offer," said Crowley. "We also love Saratoga and all it has to offer. So what better concept then blending them both together."

Nashville of Saratoga is expected to be open by the beginning of June with the classic comfort foods Nashville offers with a twist. "We are also going to offer live music too, mainly on the weekends and not necessarily all country music," Crowley said. "We want to give the artists in the community a platform to perform and showcase their talent, which is something Nashville is known for."

Different theme nights are also planned, including trivia and line dancing lessons. "We are working on some other ideas as well."

Credit - Michael Crowley
Credit - Michael Crowley

Now that the coronavirus pandemic restrictions have been eased in New York state, Crowley felt it was time to give the community a new place to enjoy. "We feel offering them a place to go, sit back and relax and enjoy themselves is what everyone is in need of. We also understand people may not want to travel so why not bring a piece of Nashville to Upstate and let everyone have the same experience my wife and I have been lucky enough to have."

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