The Biggest Loser will crown another winner tonight on NBC.  Last year's winner Patrick House who first weighed in at 400 pounds when he first started, is still looking great today.  He ran his first marathon in October and took part in the Boston marathon last April.  He even got to accomplish his goal of riding roller coasters.  He and his wife have been in LA for the finale this week and went to Disney Land to ride every roller coaster "several times."

Patrick continues his work at a boarding school in South Carolina called MinddStream Academy.  He works with overweight teenagers to "identify what's driving these kids weight problems."   Their philosophy is "it's not about what you're eating, it's about what's eating you."  He says the success rate has been great and he's "looking forward to the fall semester and changing more kids lives."   Patrick has also set up the Patrick House Foundation to provide scholarships for kids who want to attend the academy.

Although Patrick has been in LA hanging out with this year's contestants, he can't predict who will win.  He says the at home prize is up for grabs this year because everyone "has done such an amazing job." 

The final four are Olivia, Hannah, Irene and Jay.  Sisters Olivia and Hannah won a place in the finals with the highest weight loss last week.  It's up to America to pick who will face them in the finals between Jay and Irene.  Patrick feels "if Jay is voted in, he's got a great chance to win this year."  Previously, we spoke with the first female Biggest Loser winner, Ali Vincent, and she hoped for an all girl final.

In addition to the incredible transformations we'll see on tonight's show, Patrick says we're also in for a "big surprise."  Host Alison Sweeny is expected to announce a surprise for Season 12, but Patrick doesn't even know what it is.  Guess we'll all have to tune in to find out.

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