For the past few weeks, Central New York and Upstate New York have been featured on the TV show 'Jeopardy.' It looks like they were focusing on us, once again.

It all started when a contestant mentioned the Utica Zoo on the TV game show. The woman mentioned that she went to see the Red Panda Exhibit for her birthday (even though she wasn't actually from the Utica area - which is pretty cool).

But a few days before that, another contestant had mentioned that he had played in the World Championship of KanJam - which happens in North Tonawanda (just north of Buffalo). Alex Trebek had no idea what "KanJam" was, so it was pretty funny to see. You can actually watch that clip here.

Now, news has broke about the Adirondacks area being a part of a Jeopardy question. Check out the tweet that has been making it's way around on social media:

Lately it feels like New York has been a popular subject on Jeopardy. But hey, we're not complaining - Bring on the love!