Justin Moore's ode to apathy is a no-nonsense country rambler well-suited to the Arkie's laid-back persona. "Kinda Don't Care" is ultimately a breakup song, but it takes awhile to get there.

The first verse and chorus tell the story of a man wanting to forget all of life's stresses. Moore's thorny, blue-collar approach to the song feels true — it's as if it were written during a Friday, 5 o'clock drive home through smog and big-city traffic. You can almost see him loosening his collar as he dreams of stiff drinks and bad-for-you food.

Guitars warble as pedal steel cries out at key points of this swampy country shuffle. But is it a hit? You tell us. Rate Justin Moore's "Kinda Don't Care" in the poll below.

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Did You Know?: Don't jinx him, but Moore is going for a third straight No. 1 hit from his Kinda Don't Care album.

Justin Moore's "Kinda Don't Care" Lyrics:

I've been watchin' my weight / I've been tryin' to do right / I've been tryin' to get a little more sleep at night / I've been workin' like a dog / I've been goin' to church / Yeah, I've been bein' so damn good, it hurts.

I kinda wanna light up a couple smokes / Kinda want some Crown mixed in my Coke / Kinda wanna hole up in some corner booth somewhere / I kinda wanna find a pretty little thing / That's kinda like me, don't want no strings / Knowin' in the morinin' that it ain't goin' nowhere / But tonight, I kinda don't care.

No, I don't wanna think / 'Bout nothin' at all / I don't wanna sit around here all night, wishin' you'd call / I kinda wanna drown your memory / Kinda wanna raise my finger to all them used to be’s.

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