The son of Johnny Cash is singing the 'Folsom Prison Blues' after being arrested.  John Carter Cash was picked up in a Canadian airport after stripping down to his underwear.

According to the National Post, Cash was 'either drunk or had medical issues.' I'm guessing drunk since the Post says Cash was 'held until sober.' No charges were filed, since few people witnessed the incident.

Cash was in Newfoundland on a hunting trip. He was said to have been cooperative with police and has no criminal record.

I'm surprised there hasn't been problems with the police before this. It can't be easy for kids who grow up in the spotlight, especially one as bright as the one Johnny and June Carter cast.

Despite Johnny Cash's outlaw image, he never spent any time singing the 'Folsom Prison Blues' either. He was arrested 7 times on misdemeanor charges but didn't spend more than a night in jail. Lets hope his son isn't following in his footsteps.