Once a major theme park in the Adirondacks, Frontier Town has been abandoned since 1998. Many kids, now adults, in the Capital Region, remember going to Frontier Town and being trusted back in time to the wild wild west but those are just distant memories. The memories live on, but the property is run down. Will New York State help to restore and repurpose some of the old structures still standing but dilapidated? Many hope so.

Run Down But Not Forgotten-Abandoned Frontier Town in the Adirondacks

One of my favorite memories is going to Frontier Town in the Adirondacks. We always loved it when we would hop on the train and robbers would come alongside on horseback and try to take over. The rodeo was also a lot of fun. We made some great memories at Frontier Town. It has sat abandoned since 1998 but some of the attractions, yet overgrown, are still standing. Thanks to Antiquity Echoes' amazing video you can see what once was Frontier Town.

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