Activists in New York State are pushing for Governor Kathy Hochul to include funding for immigrant and low-income communities in the state's fiscal budget.

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According to a report by Nick Reisman of Spectrum News 1, progressive activists want funding for programs meant to aid immigrant and low-income communities included in the nearly $227 billion state budget plan.

Advocates are taking to the streets in Albany, holding a rally on Tuesday to make their grievances with the massive state budget plan heard.

Theo Oshiro, co-executive director of the progressive advocacy group Make the Road New York stated "We are going to Albany to make it clear to Governor Hochul and legislative leaders that every New Yorker deserves a safe, affordable home, access to health coverage and unemployment benefits, and more. The governor's proposals have fallen far short of the mark for our communities, and so we're here to remind her and her colleagues that good cause eviction protections, Coverage for All, and the Unemployment Bridge Program should be part of the budget. And instead of listening to the wants of her billionaire donors who want to keep rigging the system for themselves, it's time to raise taxes on the wealthy few and invest in our New York."

Additionally, advocates are calling for a tax increase on New York's wealthy, something that the proposed budget does not do, and to raise the state minimum wage to $21.25 per hour by 2027. Governor Hochul aims to tie the state's minimum wage to inflation, to keep the minimum wage consistent with the cost of living.

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