With a significant drop since Thanksgiving, gas prices continue to fall as we approach the New Year. However, while the prices are down, the trend in Central New York isn't keeping up with state or national averages, according to the latest numbers from AAA.

In the Utica-Rome market, the average price per gallon for 'regular' fuel is down a nickel since last Monday to $3.50, and a total of .33 cents a gallon over the past month ($3.83). Last year at this time we were paying 3.51, according to Triple-A's figures.

Statewide, the average prices for regular unleaded stands at $3.41, down .39 cents from a month ago (and down .09 cents from a year ago). The average prices in the Syracuse and Albany markets is also $3.41.

Ronira/Think Stock
Ronira/Think Stock

Nationally, the average price is down almost fifty-cents in the past month, now at $3.10. Around Thanksgiving, the national average was $3.56. By state, the lowest average price can be found in Texas, $2.64. In the 50 states, Hawaii's average of $5.04 a gallon is tops. In the continental U.S., California posts the highest state average for regular fuel at $4.36.

The all-time average high price for regular fuel in 'Utica-Rome market' came in mid-June of this year, with a composite prices just over $5.00 a gallon.

Broken down by county, the day-after Christmas average prices for regular in Oneida County comes in at $3.54, Herkimer County's average is more in lines with Syracuse at $3.41, while Madison County's average sits at $3.49. Yates County's $3.68 is the highest county average in New York.

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