One village south of Rochester New York has an easy way for you to get healthily this summer. It's a trend we need to start all across New York.

A newly organized group of walkers called the "Canisteo Walkers" gathered in the Village of Canisteo park on May 1st at 6PM on a perfect evening. They all gathered with one goal, to be healthier and have fun doing it by walking:

"Twenty folks of varying ages enjoyed blue skies and 70 degrees for their first walk. We had a brief discussion including questions like “How is this going to work? How often? How far? What’s the goal? Based on Dan Buettner’s “Live to 100” on Netflix, the goal was to combine two of the nine principles his research uncovered that increases people’s ability to live happier, healthier lives."

The group left the park and did about a mile loop throughout the village and went back to the park. Everyone had a great time and when asked, the majority voted to meet every Wednesday at 6:00 pm to do it all again.

"The heart of any community revitalization includes more than a new Main Street. While we’re very proud of the work that’s been done, it’s the people who make up our village and town that tie it all together. It’s neighbor to neighbor, where “everybody knows your name”! We hope you join us next week at the next Community Walk."

A community walk. Something so simple, yet overlooked for fitness. We need to rock this trend all across New York State.

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