The 2024 Madison County Fair will proceed without a big traditional part of fairs.

This year you won't find its traditional midway at the fair in July. The fair organizers recently announced this decision, expressing their regret and explaining the circumstances that led to this outcome:

"As many of you have surmised, we will not be having a midway at the 2024 Madison County Fair. We are sorry that we have not responded to any messages regarding the status of a midway, we were holding out hope that a last-minute lead would come through. Regrettably, that has not been the case" 

The decision came after extensive efforts to secure a replacement midway, following the closure of Wheelock Rides. Despite searching across the entire East Coast, the fair organizers faced the harsh reality that "several midways are going out of business due to the increasing cost of insurance and the inability to secure employees. The midway companies still operating all have prior commitments."

The Madison County Fair
The Madison County Fair

In light of this change, the fair is returning to its roots. Established as a community-building event, the Madison County Fair has always been about "highlighting the accomplishments, talents, and skills of the people it serves in a fun, educational setting. It has never been about rides and midways." This year, the fair is calling on the community to actively participate and showcase their talents.

"It is time for you to step up and share what you have grown, sewn, baked, or created that gives you pride. Keep the tradition that has withstood 185 years going and gain blue ribbon bragging rights."

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The fair promises to remain a reflection of the community it serves, emphasizing local achievements and friendly competition. Attendees are encouraged to submit their entries and contribute to the rich tradition of the Madison County Fair. This year’s fair, although different, will run July 11th - July 14th in Brookfield New York.

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