It's your wedding day. Is your partner thinking about their ex? Apparently, this happens a lot in New York State.

A new ranking has ranked all states across America where fiancés are most likely still thinking of their ex on their wedding day. New York State came in at 9th place........9th place? The ranking is based on where reports the most Google searches related to rekindling a romance, including ‘how to get my ex back’

The findings come from mental health experts Sabino Recovery and are based on which areas report the highest monthly Google searches related to rekindling a romance.

Terms analyzed include ‘how to get my ex back,’ ‘how to win back your ex,’ ‘getting back together after a breakup,’ ‘I want to get him back,’ and ‘getting back with an ex.’

This wedding season, couples in New York may be having second thoughts, as the state ranks eighth for ex-related queries, with 13.07 average monthly searches. This is 18% higher than the national average.

Who Ranked Worse Than New York State On This List?

Ranking first as the state most likely to be thinking of their ex is Vermont, with 19.4 monthly Google searches per 100,000 residents. That's 75% above the national average search rate over the last year. The state is also among the most likely to dream of an ex, as per the most searched-for terms. The second state where partners most wish to reconnect with their ex is Wyoming, with 18.3 Google searches made monthly per 100,000 people - 65% above the national average. The third state with absent-minded grooms or brides is North Dakota. The state reports 16.2 rekindling-related Google searches each month per 100,000 residents.

You can check out the full list online here.

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