How do you make friends locally in Central New York? What things are there to do as a young adult in and around Utica?

That's one question being asked on Reddit right now on the Utica Board: How to make friends and what to do as a young adult in and around Utica:

"I am 20 (to young for bars and idk what bars here will accept my fake ID). My family moved here after I finished highschool so I have no friends. I go to college hours away so I have no connections from there. At my work I just started and most people are a fair bit older than me. What are places or ways I can meet people my age or or a bit older. I have no clue as I moved here recently."

Imagine being new to the area. Imagine being in this situation. Maybe you're currently in a very similar one. How would you answer this?

One poster decided to share all sorts of ideas: Hobbies. Ditch the apps the poster writes, and start doing some hobbies.

- Seasonal outdoors ones are pretty good for meeting people. Your goal here isn't "meet women" your goal here is "make lots of friends".

- Ski/snowboard
- Golf
- Hiking
- Volunteer work
- Road bikes are pretty big around here
- Snowmobiling"

While that comment truly highlights a lot of ideas, what other advice would you give this person? You can text us on our station app and let us know. Also, if you have a Reddit account, you can comment here.

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