Ty Herndon turned to social media on Thursday (Feb. 9) to share some big news: Not only is he in a new relationship, but he will be getting married this year. The "What Mattered Most" singer announced the joyous news and introduced his fiancé Alex with photos and a sweet caption on Instagram.

"Well y’all, I have a little news to share — actually some big news," he prefaced in the caption. "The last six months God has showed up and showed out. Never in a million years would I have imagined meeting someone who would bring so much love and light into my heart."

According to the post, Herndon and his partner met six months ago, and it didn't take long for them to know that they were meant for one another. He details the "amazing journey" further.

"Alex and I met six months ago and had our first date," he continues. "Since then, we have been building our relationship and getting to know one another without a big public announcement. It was important to each of us that we be able to do this privately, and it has been an amazing journey. After all this time, I have met the person I know I’m gonna spend the rest of my life with."

Herndon shared more about Alex in the caption, revealing that he is an artist. The two plan to get married later this year.

"Alex is a brilliant artist and craftsman who restores mid-century furniture and makes stained glass art," he writes. "He will also be starting work on his MBA soon. He’s a smartie, y’all — and I can’t wait for all of you to get to know him. Today, we are excited to let you know that we are planning a wedding! That’s right — we’re getting hitched later this year! Here’s to life, love, and wellness! We’ll see y’all soon."

Herndon paired the caption with three black-and-white photos from a photo shoot. Their happiness clearly shines through in the photos, and both men are seen wearing rings on their left hand in the snaps.

Herndon's engagement comes after hardships in recent years that included a breakup from his former boyfriend of 11 years, Matt Collum. Herndon has also struggled with drug use throughout the years, and he suffered a relapse in 2020 that nearly took his life.

He revealed the details in a 2022 interview with People, saying he reached a low point in his crystal meth addiction on New Year's Eve in 2020. The singer had been awake for four days at the time, and he almost ingested 27 Ambien pills before calling a friend for help. The singer found sobriety again, however, and he released a new album, Jacob, in July 2022.

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