Throughout her album 29: Written in Stone, Carly Pearce took fans on an emotional and honest journey through divorce. She used the project to process her feelings and deal with the heartache that a marital split can bring — Pearce herself went through divorce in 2020.

Although vulnerable with her fans, she was guarded in love ... until now.

In what could be a lead single off of a forthcoming album, "Trust Issues" finds Pearce turning the page in her love life to a new chapter. Despite the negative feelings a title like that can incite, the Kentucky native is opening her heart to love once again. It's a new direction for Pearce, both personally and professionally.

"I felt very overwhelmed when I first started writing — just, you know, what this direction was," she says in an interview about her first Grammy nomination. "And I wrote in my phone, 'trust issues.'"

"That’s kind of on the theme of, you never know how hurt you are until you try to love somebody else," Pearce says, "But I wanted to spin it into a hopeful and happy thing, because I love titles where you look at them and you think it’s gonna be one thing, but it’s a totally different thing."

The song carries a theme of redemption: This new love feels like it's bringing Pearce back to life — caring for the wounds of her past.

"So I got in the room with two of my favorite people, [songwriters] Nicolle Galyon and Jordan Reynolds, and we crafted this song that felt so hopeful. It’s a love song, but it’s a love song out of pain," she explains. "And I remember when we wrote it — I see my albums in pictures, and I thought this was such an important facet to this transitional period of my life — of moving on."

Keeping with her current theme, the song is deeply personal for the "What He Didn't Do" singer. She has shared a little bit about a new flame in her life, Riley King, a Nashville real estate agent. Although her social media posts of the couple are few and far between, King has shared fairly regularly about them as a couple: He was by her side at various awards shows in 2022 as well as various shows, most recently Crash My Playa in Cancun, Mexico.

While she is working on a new album, Pearce has yet to reveal concrete details about the project. She did however, share "Trust Issues" with fans at a recent performance:

Carly Pearce's 'Trust Issues" Lyrics:

I already told you about my mama / And she already knows all about you / She don't recognize her daughter / With her guard down / Already spending every weekend / Waking up laying next to you / Already jumping in the deep end / Ain't it crazy now


To ever think that I had trust issues / In a matter of one kiss you / Got me turning one night into / Maybe the rest of my life / I haven't even said I love you / But I'm thinking that I want to / Cause you're making me forget who / Ever gave me these trust issues

Repeat Chorus

Getting back to never asking / Where you’re going or where you’ve been / I don’t have to be holding your hand when / Some other girls around / I didn’t think twice about calling you mine / And baby it blows my mind

Repeat Chorus

I look in your eyes and it's almost like / My heart's never been broke before / All the issues / And how bad I miss you / Every time you walk out that door

Repeat Chorus

Carly Pearce at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville

Carly Pearce invited a trio of guest artists to join her on stage in Nashville. Bill Anderson, Ricky Skaggs and Gary LeVox all performed with Pearce at Ryman Auditorium on Oct. 26, 2022. Opening act Jackson Dean helped her close the show with "I Hope You're Happy Now."