A Rome family trying to spread a little cheer in their neighborhood became victims of the Grinch after someone stole their holiday decoration.

Sam Smith put up Christmas inflatables in her yard on Liberty Street in Rome to help lift spirts in her neighborhood. "I saw an article about others doing it, to take everyone's minds off COVID-19," Smith says. "My kids and the kids in the neighborhood liked seeing it. It made people smile when they passed."

This morning, Smith wasn't smiling. When she left for work, she noticed one inflatable was missing. "I walked out of my house this morning, and someone stole my 7 foot unicorn while we were sleeping."

Photo Credit - Sam Smith
Photo Credit - Sam Smith

"I can not believe someone would do that," says Smith. "It was even tied to our porch."

Aren't we all suppose to be indoors, helping stop the spread of COVID-19? But I guess someone low enough to steal a little joy in the wee hours of the morning isn't worried about spreading a virus that is infecting so many people and killing thousands.

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