Part of what makes Gloriana's new single 'Can't Shake You' so appealing is that anyone who's gone through a difficult breakup (which is pretty much everyone) can relate to the story. During an interview with Taste of Country Nights radio, the country trio shared which of their past lovers inspired the emotional ballad. 

It's older Gossin brother Tom, but in this case his ex-love is also his current love. He explained the romance to host Jeremy Robinson and the ToC Nights crew.

"The girl I'm marrying, we've actually been on and off for 10 years," he says. 'Can't Shake You' was about their last "off" period. "It was so tough to still go to the old places we used to hang out. Everything reminded me of her."

"I think it made us both realize that we were too big of a part of each other's lives after that many years to let it go. And we worked things out and now we're getting married." The wedding is set for later this year he added. However she might be bad for the band.

"Every time our relationship starts going well, I don't write any good songs," Tom says laughing.

Rachel Reinert co-stars in the video for 'Can't Shake You,' making it seem like the song might be about her. It is to some extent. "We intentionally found someone who looked like one of my really awful ex-boyfriends for that role," she says laughing about the video.

"I'm sure he probably wasn't too thrilled, but whatever, he's a jerk."

Look for Gloriana at the Taste of Country Music Festival this June at Hunter Mountain, N.Y. Lady Antebellum, Willie Nelson, Hunter Hayes and Trace Adkins are amongst the artists on the lineup. Tickets are on sale now.