FrogFest 30 special guest Stephanie Quayle just got some high praise from for International Women's Day.

The online magazine did a profile of 10 up and coming women in country music that they admire.

Quayle made the list for her dedication to her craft. Here's what had to say:

"Determination runs deep within Stephanie Quayle’s blood, as she continually puts out song after song with a free-hearted spirit. She’s not one bit ‘Selfish’ despite it being the name of her latest single; in fact, she always makes the music about the fans and the drive to keep on moving in music."

You can check out her single 'Selfish' from her new album 'Love The Way You See Me' below:

Staphanie says her and her band are like "cowboy coffee," ready to pump you up for FrogFest 30 headliners LOCASH!

Listen to the rest of our interview with Stephanie Quayle below:


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