December 3 8:00 am - December 30 5:00 pm

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If you love animals and want to help out a local animal shelter but you can’t adopt a pet, volunteer, or donate money, there are always item donations. Item donations make a huge difference for the lives of the animals at the shelter and the lives of the ones who run it.

This holiday season, Leatherstocking Veterinary Group is collecting donations for local animal shelters. Items can be dropped off at any of our clinics through the month of December.

Leatherstocking Veterinary Services will be accepting donations for Spring Farm Cares Animal and Nature Sanctuary, located in Clinton, NY.
New Berlin Veterinary Clinic will be collecting donations for the Chenango SPCA, located in Norwich, NY.
Pittsfield Veterinary Clinic will be gathering donations for Super Heroes in Ripped Jeans, Oneonta, NY.
Heritage Veterinary Clinic donations will benefit the Susquehanna SPCA, Cooperstown, NY.
Marcy Veterinary Clinic donations will go directly to Stevens-Swan Humane Society, Utica, NY and Spring Farm Cares Animal and Nature Sanctuary, Clinton, NY.

Let's "Stuff the Shelters" with supplies our local animal shelters need! Any donation, big or small will help a local animal in need! Help us to help those most in need.

Items can be dropped off at any of our locations:
Leatherstocking Veterinary Services, 117 County Highway 17, New Berlin, NY 13411
New Berlin Veterinary Clinic, 5094 State Highway 8, New Berlin, NY 13411
Pittsfield Veterinary Clinic, 1033 State Highway 80, Edmeston, NY 13335
Heritage Veterinary Clinic, 4 Heritage Drive, Cooperstown, NY 13326
Marcy Veterinary Clinic, 9225 River Road, Marcy, NY 13403

Spring Farm Cares Animal and Nature Sanctuary is requesting the following donations:
Horse Cosequin, applesauce, pitch forks, Jolly Balls, Himalayan salt on a rope, children's books about animals, and fly masks.

Here are an additional 20 simple items you can donate to help out.

1. Pet food and treats
2. Towels and blankets
3. Kitty litter and cat boxes
4. Puppy or kitten formula and nursing bottles
5. Newspaper
6. Collars, leashes and harnesses
7. Grooming supplies
8. Toys
9. Crates and carriers
10. Paper towels and cleaning supplies
11. Hand wash and hand sanitizer
12. Laundry detergent, fabric softener and bleach
13. Dog and cat beds
14. Flea and tick treatment
15. Heating pads
16. Copy paper, pens, pencils, post-it notes and staples
17. Garbage bags, mops, brooms, and sponges
18. Food bowls or livestock water buckets
19. Rubber and latex gloves
20. Plastic shopping bags

To learn more about where your donation will go, check out the websites of our chosen donation recipients:
Spring Farm Care Animal and Nature Sanctuary:
The Chenango SPCA:
Super Heroes in Ripped Jeans:
Susquehanna SCPA:
Stevens-Swan Humane Society:

And you can check out Leatherstocking Veterinary Group at