The Bobby Page Memorial Field in Rome is in ruins after being vandalized and the community wants answers.

The baseball fields on Bell Road were upgraded thanks to the Bobby Page Memorial Foundation. It was renamed in honor of Bobby Page who passed away in 2005 at the age of 25 from cancer.

That name now lies on the ground in pieces after being vandalized by what I'd refer to as disrespectful punks a few weeks ago. "The pictures show a name that I for one know does not belong on the ground," says Bobby's brother Aaron Page. "I am not talking about the name 'Page' because that is simply just a name. I am talking about the name 'Bobby Page Memorial Foundation' because that is more than a name, it's a community."

The community is now scrambling to get the field ready for opening season in a few weeks. "We are trying desperately to find a way to have this all fixed in time," says Julie Goetz Summa, Secretary of Rome youth baseball. "There's more damaged to the dug outs too and we will be there Saturday morning at 9 to start working on it."

Aaron Page

The Foundation was created in 2006 as a way for family and friend to keep Bobby's true spirit alive and improve the quality of life for children less fortunate in the community. "Bobby always had a special place in his heart for children."

The community is heartbroken over the vandalism. "This disgusts me and breaks my heart at the same time! So much hard work went into that project," says Kim Ciotti Luczak.

"Maybe if you find out who did this they can be taught something about the foundation and your brother’s spirit and provide some volunteer hours to the community," suggests Keith Miller.

If anybody has any information about who would sink low enough to ruin a special place for children that is dedicated to a member of the community can contact Aaron Page or a member of the foundation.

Carla DiCastro Banks
Aaron Page