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I know I say this about all of the country artists that I get to interview, but Dan + Shay are truly two of the nicest, most talented human beings on the face of the Earth. I got the chance to hang with them in-studio to talk about their new song, "You," which they revealed to me is kind of like a "Speechless" Part Two. They were telling me that "Speechless" is kind of seeing your bride on your wedding day, and "You" is how you plan on being there for her forever after that day.

I saw they had posted on their socials recently that Uncle Dan was with Shay at Shay's kid's T-Ball game, and they were helping coach. I was like, "You guys go from selling out stadiums on a Friday night, to coaching a local T-Ball team the next morning, what's that like?" They said it was really cool and humbling, and that Nashville is really cool in that people don't bother them or treat them any differently than the other parents.

Another thing I wanted to know was what they include on their backstage list of requests when they play a show. They told me how they are very Earth-conscious and don't really request much of anything at all because they don't ever use or eat any of it, so they don't want to waste it.

They told me a hilarious story about how one time backstage they were thirsty, so Dan Smyers was cupping his hands under the sink and drinking the tap water from there and people were like, "Guys, c'mon, let me get you a bottle of water!" I thought it was so cool to see how two people can achieve the success that Dan + Shay have and still remain so grounded, humble and real.

If you are like the rest of us and anxiously awaiting their next project, don't worry, they told me all about it and what they're working on now. I loved my conversation with them on Taste of Country Nights on Demand Episode 45. Check it out for yourself, and make sure to give us a like, rating and subscribe and all that jazz; it really helps out.

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