Put a little color in your holiday at a Christmas Tree Farm in Rome. Real colored Christmas trees have been the hot trend the last few years and they are back for holiday season with a few new colors.

Henderberg's Christmas Tree Farm in Rome is bringing back the colored trees with several different colors to choose from, including black and orange this year. "We thought we'd try something different with the two new colors released this year," said Jay Henderberg. "We just did a few to see how popular they are."

All colored trees are treated with a non-toxic colorant that won't come off. "If you just put paint on it, it's terrible for the tree, the environment, the home and pets," says Joshua Brodnicki, who works on the tree farm.

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Choose from Red, Turquoise, Pink, Magenta, White, Light Blue, Purple, Black and Orange at the farm on Henderberg Road South in Rome. There's a limited supply available. You may want to call a day or two in advance before heading out to make sure there are colored trees left.

If you want to enjoy your colored tree longer, use warm water the first time you get it home. Using warm tap water will loosen up all the sap at the bottom and then all the water will soak up through.

Henderberg's is open Fridays noon to 5pm, Saturday and Sundays from 9am to 5pm. Get more information at Henderberg's Christmas Tree Farm's website or on their Facebook page.

Colored Christmas Trees