Green Beer Sunday will look a little different at Coleman's, one of the best Irish pubs in America.

The famous Syracuse pub on Tipperary Hill is well known for their St Patrick's Day celebrations. Thousands fill the streets for a day of music with a tanker truck filled with green beer. But the coronavirus pandemic is forcing pub owners to change things up this year.

Coleman's will hold Civilized Green Beer Sunday on February 28. Green beer will being delivered to each table, that must be reserved in three hour blocks, ahead of time. And all the tables have already been booked.

You can still celebrate in the green beer drive thru. Coleman's is selling 64 oz jugs of green beer for $14, 64 oz jugs of Green Cider for $16 and two 16 oz bottles of Loaded Leprechauns for $12, loaded with Byrne Dairy Mint Milk, 1911 Cold Brew Coffee Vodka and topped with whipped cream.

Photo Credit - Colemans

You don't even have to leave the comfort of your car. But you do have to bring cash. No credit or debit cards will be accepted in the Green Beer Drive Thru.

Photo Credit - Coleman's

Please wait until you get home to celebrate St Patrick's Day with your green beer/cider or Loaded Leprechaun. Drinking and driving in not only dangerous, it's against the law. And no one wants to celebrate the holiday in jail.

Coleman's on Tipperary Hill is home to the upside down traffic light. Legend has it that in the 1920s, Irish kids kept breaking the light because they were upset the 'British red' was on top of the 'Irish green.' City officials finally changed the traffic light to stop kids from constantly smashing it.

Photo Credit - Colemans

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