ABC News released a list of the most common misspelled words in each state. You'll never believe what New York's word was. We quizzed the Big Frog office staff to see if any of them knew how to spell it.

We searched the office to see if we had any spelling-bee champions that would be up for the test. According to ABC News, the word "beautiful" is the most commonly misspelled word in our state. Seriously? Beautiful? You would think it would be something a little bit harder than that. Some other states had trouble with words such as "pneumonia," "leprechaun," and "maintenance." New York had the most trouble with the word "beautiful." With all the town and city names like Sauquoit, Oneida, and Syracuse, you would think we would have a little more trouble with those.

*Story Written and Submitted by Big Frog 104 Intern Dan Curtacci*

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