If you are a Burger King regular you've probably noticed a new item on the menu, the Burger King French Fry Burger. It was introduced over the weekend and has been getting lukewarm reviews at best from food critics.

Vanessa Wong of BusinessWeek gave it a mixed review.

Sadly, the taste of the French fry cheeseburger didn’t live up to the excitement of successfully ordering it. Potatoes don’t have the same pungency of, say, onions.  Still, those four fries do add a little something—if only the satisfaction of knowing they’re there.
via How to Get Burger King's French Fry Burger Right Now - Businessweek.

Daniel Gross of The Daily Beast was also skeptical.

You need a contrast: the saltiness and sweetness of peanut butter and chocolate; the savoriness of a Taco Bell taco combined with the sodium-laden Doritos shell. Burger King’s fries and its burgers don’t achieve that kind of harmony.

via Is That It? Burger King’s French Fry Burger Is Just Carb-Overkill - The Daily Beast.

However with a price of just $1 (to compete with McDonald's Dollar Menu) the French Fry Burger will doubtless find plenty of tasters in the weeks to come. Check out the commercial and see if your mouth starts to water.


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