The lines will be long at convenience stores as tonight's Powerball jackpot reaches $425 million. It's not the biggest in history but could be Saturday if there is no winner tonight. The drawing will be held at 10:59pm but stores will stop selling tickets one hour before the drawing. So don't put off getting off getting yours til the last minute like I did last time. My husband wasn't too happy.

The chances of picking a winning Powerball ticket are roughly one in about 175 million. So you have a better chance of being hit by lightning.  If you do have the winning ticket and want it all at once, you'll only receive $244 million after taxes.   That's still A LOT of money! What would do with it all?



Expert Offers Tips On Hitting Powerball Jackpot

Want to know how to pick the winning numbers? Don't we all? Get tips from a 7 time lottery winner, Richard Lustig.