This rainy, dreary weather can ruin any motivation to do anything, can't it? Even if the sun isn't shining, there are a few things you can do around the area and around the house to keep your energy (and spirits) up.

Whether you don't have motivation to leave the house, or you're hoping to go on an adventure to make you forget about this yucky weather, we have you covered. We divided these ideas into those two categories...


Around the House


1. Have a movie marathon: There's just something about cuddling up on the couch and watching some movies while it's raining outside. This weekend will be perfect for that.

2. Clean out a room: Okay, who really wants to do some cleaning? But the weather is yucky and it's spring cleaning time, so you might as well take care of it. Besides, you'll feel so great after it's done and looks nice.

3. Bake cookies: Because why not? Everyone loves cookies.


Going On an Adventure


4. Head to Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute: Experience some art and culture during this rainy weekend. They have a lot of really neat exhibits going on like "Dressed to the Nines" which is perfect for Mother's Day coming up, or their "Collage/Reformat/Refocus" exhibit.

5. Go see a movie: You could stay home and have a movie marathon or head to Rome Cinemas (or the Marquee Cinema in New Hartford) and see something new. "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" opened today. "The Circle" and "Beauty in the Beast" look good as well.

6. Take a trip to Cooperstown: Stop by some of the great museums like the Farmer's Museum or the Baseball Hall of Fame. Cooperstown has a lot to offer even if it is rainy and yucky out.

7. Go Bowling: Honestly, when's the last time you threw some rocks? This is perfect for the whole family (and a lot of places offer "Rockin' Bowl" or something to that extent). And you have plenty of options: Pin-O-Rama in Utica, State Bowling Center in Ilion, King Pin Lanes in Rome, and a few others.


There's tons of other things you can do on these rough Central New York days, but we think that's a good start. Steal an idea from the list, or use it to spark your own idea. And don't worry, summer is around the corner... We'll get some sunshine (that will stick around) eventually.




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