Oneida County saw its largest single-day increase in positive COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, according to Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente. There have been 16 new positive cases since 12-noon, he said, bringing the total number of positive cases in the county to 121.

"We knew this was going to be a bad week and the number of cases is increasing," said Picente. "There have been 75 new cases here in the last six days," he said.

Hospitalizations continue to grow slowly. 21 county residents are currently hospitalized due to the virus, 19 of whom are being treated in Oneida County hospitals. Additionally, there are nearly 30 non-county patients being treated at MVHS hospitals, who have been admitted from neighboring counties, according to MVHS. Some of those patients have tested positive for coronavirus while a larger number are being monitored as suspected cases.

Picente urged the public to follow CDC guidelines, including their recommendation regarding homemade face masks. "Wear a mask when you can. If you go out into public places you should (wear a mask)," he said.

By the Numbers

New cases as of noon- 16

Total positive cases- 121 (75 cases in the last 6 days) *Highest one-day total thus far

Hospitalized in Oneida County- 19

Hospitalized outside Oneida County- 2

Active positive COVID-19 cases- 100

Resolved cases- 19

Total negative cases-  752 (99 additional overnight)

Total tested- 1099

New tests yesterday- 135

Total results pending- 226

Mandatory quarantine- 347

Precautionary quarantine- 425

Discharged from quarantine- 878

Deaths in Oneida County- 2

Deaths in New York State- 5489

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