Greg teaching me how to tie a bow tie.

Yes, I have learned the art of tying a bow tie. Some may be thinking, "Well, Zach, that's not a big deal." To that I say, these darn things are really, really hard to tie. I mean, really, really hard to tie. To the rescue came Big Frog 104's very own Greg Splashin' McShea.

Some may not know, but Greg is an expert at tying bow ties. He used to wear them all the time. So, when I heard this good news, I had to get his expert advise.

Oh, I guess some people may be thinking, "Why are you even wearing a bow tie to begin with?" Well, a quick backstory: for 2012, I didn't want to make a New Year's resolution that I knew I wouldn't stick to or a resolution that everyone else had, like losing weight or something like that. So, I decided to make a New Year's resolution not many other people would have. I have dubbed 2012 "The Year of the Tie." Yup, my resolution is to wear a tie every day (at least weekdays). And, I'm happy to report I have yet to stray from my resolution.

So, back to the bow tie story... I wanted to get a little unique halfway into January, so I decided I wanted to add bow ties to "The Year of the Tie" mix. And, after expert guidance from Greg and an exact hour of practicing, I'm proud to report I can tie a bow tie.

As you can tell, I'm pretty excited about this. It's a feat I have accomplished.

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Here's my first attempt at tying a bow tie. Not the outcome I wanted.
Here is the finished bow tie. I'm pretty happy with the result. (Oh, my glasses are John Lennon inspired, not Harry Potter.)

(*Note: All photos, except for the last one, were taken by Jeanette Lenoir, WIBX)