Last month, I asked Big Frog listeners and blog readers for some advice on how to get my garden to grow a little bit better. Like I mentioned in my previous story, this is my first attempt at gardening, and at that time, I didn't want my hard work to wither away. I'm happy to report, three weeks after my original story debuted, my garden is looking very healthy and I'm starting to see a lot of progress.

A Big Frog 104 listener called me in the studio the day I posted my original story and mentioned that I should add some plant food to the plants when I water. So, I did. A Big Frog 104 blog reader said I should add cow manure to my plants. I didn't do that one--but there's always next year. I believe adding the plant food and just letting nature run its course was the best for my first-time garden.

I should mention that I originally planted nearly 10 tomato plants, and only three survived. As you can see from the pictures below, I have a few more than three tomato plants currently in my garden. Yes, I broke down and bought three close-to-flowering tomato plants and the rest were given to me by friends. So, with that being said, it appears my tomatoes are doing well.

However, I'm not quite sure how my broccoli and cauliflower will turn out. Any advice?

Check out the picture of my peppers. Are they looking normal for this time of year?

Can you give me more advice to ensure my garden continues to flourish? What do you do to keep your garden healthy this time of year? You can check out the before and after pictures of my garden below, too.

My Tomato Plants:

My Pepper Plants:

Before and After (3 weeks ago-now)