So before you roll your eyes on this one, look at your car's eyes...I mean headlights.   A new study shows that the design of  your car may resemble a face, and if it has a face, that says something about it's personality.

"Researchers in the field of shape analysis have discovered that cars really do have personalities. Dennis Slice, a professor of scientific computing at Florida State University, says many automobiles resemble human faces when viewed head-on. For example, a Volkswagen Beetle with its wide-eyes headlights and curved hood resembles a smiling child. "This is the classic cute car not dominant, not aggressive," Slice explains. "I don't think anyone could be mean to someone in a Volkswagen Beetle." A sporty Ford Mustang with its long hood and narrow headlights projects adult male features exuding dominance and aggression. "This is a car that's ready to take care of business," Slice says. " Researchers believe shape analysis can help automobile designers create models that appeal to different kinds of customers. There's also evidence that cars' personalities directly relate to their owners' driving habits and interactions. "If you see an aggressive car in your rear view mirror, you may be more likely to pull over," says Slice. "