After a Utica woman won a million dollar jackpot on a scratch off ticket, we asked the question, what you'd do if you won.  Most of you would buy a house or a RV to travel.

A number of Facebook comments were about buying a house.

Buying a home isn't the only thing people would do if they won a million dollars.  Some would move.

Others wanted to see the world in a RV.

Instead of a new house or travel, Jessica wants to enjoy nature closer to home.  And she'd have a little fun with her winning, paying to have Jason Aldean stop by.

If a wedding in your future, the money would come in handy too.

If the wedding has come and gone but there was no honeymoon, its better late than never.

Ryan, on the other hand, would donate most of his winnings to Veteran Foundations.

Most people would quit their job if they won a million dollars, but others, who love what they do, would invest.

All you need is a dollar and a dream right?  Good luck to everyone on their next lottery purchase and don't forget your radio friends if you win.