If Jeff Foxworthy can do "You Might Be a Redneck" if jokes, we can do "You Might Be From Utica" if.  Here's our list

You've been to FrogFest (Rodney Atkins this year)

You know what riggies are and have been to riggiefest

You plan your week around Saranac Thursday

You've come home from Turning Stone with less money than you went with

You know the Boilermaker is a road race not a drink.  (but you may have a had a few after)

You've actually seen Matt Herkimer with hair

You don't put your snowblower away until June

You've heard about or seen the infamous watering can at the Utica Zoo

You've enjoyed a Utica Club(or two)

You recall the barbershop was a place to get a beer not a haircut

You've had your picture taken with Jeremiah B Frog

You know the movie "Slap Shot" was filmed at the Utica Aud

You know how to pronounce Chautauqua, Canandaigua and Canajoharie

You know where the busy corner is and can remember when it was really busy

You remember when Big Frog 104 was 96Frog

You walked up Heartbreak Hill as part of America's Greatest Heart Run and Walk

What would you add to the list?