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The moment sneaks up on you. A certain reaction or situation finds you saying to yourself, "Oh my, I've become my mother (or father)!"  We may not exhibit all of our parents quirks but there are some parenting traits that are universal. Here are a few.

A new survey from finds that most people think they are becoming more like their parents at age 32. How can you tell?

-- 6am on a Sunday is a time for getting up, not getting in.
--Air travel is no longer seen as fun. Planes and kids are the quickest way to make you vow never to leave home again.
--You need a vacation after your family vacation.
--You find things your own mom or dad used to say and vowed you'd NEVER say - coming out of your mouth.
-- And you are thrilled, excited, proud, and ecstatic - nothing makes you feel happier than having a child.
--You worry about your kids getting into all the things you did as a teenager.
--Going to the bathroom alone is considered 'me-time'

via You know you're a parent when...50 Shames a Day.

These signs just scratch the surface. For more, click here.


Cost of Raising Kids Going Up

Every parent knows that raising a child ain't cheap. The bad news is that the cost is going up, up and away to the point where, according to a Department of Agriculture report, an average middle class parent can expect to spend $241,080 per child up to age 18.