We've all been here and there when someone's cell phone rings, and I am sure you've heard some pretty weird rings on those phones. We all have our favorites, but as for me, I just use one of the ring tones already in the phone (I really don't want to go searching and downloading, too much work).

Now, according to a new survey by UK-based Tesco Mobile in Consect, the type of ring tone you choose says a lot about you.  For example:

1. Classic Rock Song - You may be showing your age.

2. Hip-Hop or Rhythm & Blues Hit - You are young at heart.

3. Old-Fashioned Bell - You think you're funnier than you are (their opinion,    not mine).

4. TV Theme - Doesn't impress others (I say, so what...if I want "Star Trek" on my ringer, that's my business).

5. Vibrate or Silent Mode - You  may be an important person who can't waste their time answering your cell phone every time it rings (or you may be a radio DJ who can't have a ringer go off when you're talking on the air...been there, done that).