It came down to rapper Brian 'Astro' Bradley and powerhouse Stacey Francis in the bottom two on 'The X-Factor.'  And if that wasn't shocking enough, since both have been fan favorites, Astro received a warning from Simon Cowell about his attitude.  Astro refused to perform saying 'if you gonna put me in the bottom 2, I don't want to perform for people who don't want me here.'  And it was Simon who told him he was being disrespectful.

Astro's attitude isn't something new.  Its been there since his audition when Simon called him arrogant, obnoxious and argumentative.  And America isn't blind.  They've seen it too and talent can only take someone so far. 

Stacey has been rumored to be a diva on the X-Factor set.  Again, the viewers can see it.  She seems to carry herself with that attitude of 'I'm the best and no one can beat me.'  Plus she's had a few bad weeks. 

LA Reid of course voted for Stacey to be sent home since Astro is on his team.  Nicole went with Astro since Stacey is on her team.  Paula went with Stacey, after advising both contestants to be grateful for being on the stage. So it came down to Simon.  Despite Astro's attitude, Simon went with a shocked Stacey Francis. 

If Astro wants to stick around, he'll need an attitude  adjustment.  Viewers won't put up with it no matter how talented he is.

The X-Factor returns next week.  It'll be on Tuesday night at 8 because of Thanksgiving, with elimination night on Wednesday.